Archive for August 16th, 2012

Featured Auction: Ornithoptera priamus euphorion (gold form, very rare) ex-pupae male & female

One ex-pupa pair Ornithopera priamus euphorion….. rare gold form with greatly extended transparent gold scaling in hindwing and in forwing.  Both male and female were legally imported with cites permit. Both are perfect ( one tiny smudge on male hindwing as seen in photo). Both specimens will be shipped relaxed in paper. These are the […]


Featured Auction: Calodema marriettae

This rare and very beautiful specimen is seldom found in collections and rarely available to collectors. This may be the last chance you have to add this very rare specimen to your own collection.  The specimen is fire engine red, pink, metallic black, and a gorgeous translucent amber. The specimen is flawless except the tip […]

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